By Al Dente La Salsa

What if a cover girl’s best kept beauty secret wasn’t a pot of beauty cream, but a pot of tomato sauce? Here are the 8 secret benefits of tomato sauce that you have probably never heard of, but which are well known to Italy’s women.

1. A peachy complexion – Rich in vitamin B thanks to its pips, the tomato has purifying properties which can help to keep skin looking beautiful in the long term. Eating a tomato a day is a sure-fire way to stay looking good.

2. A flat stomach – With 20 calories in every 100g serving, and a 95% water content, tomatoes help to maintain a slim and slender figure. What’s more, the naturally occurring acids in their skin stimulate digestive processes, helping the body to absorb food so that you feel fuller after having eaten less.

3. A beautiful pair of eyes – The Vitamin A that is found in tomatoes helps to protect the surface and membrane of the eyes as well as the skin surrounding them, reinforcing bacterial defences and protecting against potential infections. The carotenoids lutein and zeaxanthin, which are also present in the tomato, are essential to retinal health: they filter light and defend against harmful rays that can damage eyes.


4. A tanning boost – Italian women are living proof that tomato sauce can help the skin obtain a healthy tan. The high levels of lycopene in tomatoes increase the production of melanin and therefore darken the skin. Sunblock remains essential, nonetheless – unless you want to risk looking like a sundried tomato. But if you ever do get sunburned, however, be sure to keep some Al Dente La Salsa to hand – one pot a day over 10 weeks could reduce the intensity of the burn by up to 40%.

5. A sparkling smile – Tomatoes are not only good for teeth but also contain a natural antidepressant in the form of folic acid, a substance which helps prevent you from feeling down by boosting your mood throughout the day.

6. A good night’s sleep – Tomatoes contain not one but two sleep boosting hormones – melatonin and choline- that can help your body get a restful night and repair itself. Spaghetti a la Checca is the new camomile tea.

7. An eternal youth – The best way of fighting the effects and signs of aging might well be a diet rich in tomatoes. They are full of natural substances that reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and who wouldn’t prefer a helping of farfalle to a pair of crow’s feet?

8. A healthier pair of lungs – Scientists have shown that tomatoes are packed full of powerful antioxidants, which can help the lungs to protect themselves against cigarette smoke. Since products derived from tomatoes – the Al Dente La Salsa range, for example – are more concentrated, they contain even more antioxidants per serving.